Public Television Affinity Group Coalition






 (Updated July 2014)
  AGC member organizations are represented by the following individuals:
  • BETA:  Howard Blumenthal, MindTV
               John Weatherford, PBA
  • JLG:    Steve Bass, OPB  (Joint Licensees Group)
               Tom Rieland, WOSU Public Media
  • MMG:  Jack Galmiche, Nine Network of Public Media
               Rick Schneider, WJCT / Jacksonville
  • NETA:  Shae Hopkins, KET
               Eric Hyyppa, Montana PBS
  • OSBE:  Ruby Calvert, Wyoming PBS
               John Harris, Prairie Public Broadcasting / Fargo
  • SSA:    Mark Stanislawski, Southern Oregon Public Television
               Barry Baker, WDCQ / University Center
  • ULA:    Polly Anderson, WUCF / Orlando
               Perry Metz, WTIU / Bloomington

Affinity Group Coalition

  Eric Hyyppa is the current chair; Tom Rieland is vice chair.
  Jack Galmiche is the immediate past chair.
  APTS, CPB and PBS are included in AGC discussions.
  Skip Hinton (NETA and OSBE) provides staff and online support.   

 This Web is a service of the Public Television Affinity Group Coalition.
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Last updated: January 14, 2015